What to Know About Exercise and Chronic Disease

POSTED BY Louise Savoie | September 21,2020

What to Know About Exercise and Chronic Disease

Exercise is beneficial to every individual. However, for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, back pain, heart disease, or asthma, it is important to ask their home health providers in Columbus first before beginning any exercise routine.

A provider of home healthcare in Columbus, Ohio will be able to help patients determine which exercises are appropriate and what precautions must be followed based on their conditions.

With regular exercise, individuals with chronic conditions can manage their symptoms and enhance their overall quality of health.

Flexibility exercises, for one, can help those with joint pain regain optimal range of motion. Similarly, strength training can increase muscle strength and endurance among aging, injured, or ill individuals.

A physical or occupational therapist may recommend certain exercises to develop strength or lower pain. Patients may also need to avoid doing specific exercises entirely, depending on their conditions. For example, if an individual is living with arthritis, then the exercises they have to do will depend on the type of arthritis they have as well as the joints involved.

A home health provider such as Diversified Health Management : DHM Agency creates personalized care plans for every patient in order to address their specific needs. For more information about our post-acute home health and other services, please feel free to contact us.