Diabetes and Life Expectancy

POSTED BY Louise Savoie | September 22,2020

Diabetes and Life Expectancy

Diabetes is a disease characterized by hyperglycemia or high blood sugar and is typically the effect of a combination of genes and unhealthy lifestyle habits. If left untreated, then hyperglycemia can result in life-threatening problems.

Furthermore, as any home health providers in Columbus would attest, having type 2 diabetes can also put one at risk for health conditions that can lower life expectancy.

In the United States, diabetes is the 7th most common cause of death. This is according to the CDC. However, it is worth noting that there is no distinguishing statistic that states how long one can live with type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, it is better to keep the condition under control to lower the risk for developing conditions that may lower lifespan.

Although diabetes may have no cure, it is still possible to live a long life despite having the condition. Constant management is key.

Individuals with diabetes should check their blood sugar levels to ensure it is normal. They also have to take the proper doses of medication and follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. A provider of home healthcare in Columbus, Ohio can help these individuals control their diabetes and live better lives.

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