How Skilled Nursing Services Facilitate Post-Acute Care

POSTED BY Louise Savoie | November 26,2020

How Skilled Nursing Services Facilitate Post-Acute Care

Post-acute treatment is a type of care designed to assist recovering patients following discharge from an acute care hospital. Post-acute care can be provided by home health providers in Columbus to help patients effectively manage their needs and daily activities at home for a smooth recovery.

As a leading provider of home healthcare in Columbus, Ohio, we at Diversified Health Management : DHM Agency will discuss how skilled nursing services can help facilitate post-acute care:

  • Personalized, one-on-one care.

    Post-acute home health services that offer skilled nursing services often include 24-hour monitoring and care. This helps prevent any complications and monitors any changes to reduce their impact on the patient’s recovery. This also provides effective assistance to support activities of daily living (ADLs).

  • Access to a wide range of services.

    Through skilled nursing services, patients can gain access to a wide range of services to facilitate post-acute care. This includes intravenous (IV) therapy, catheter care, injections, monitoring of vital signs, and more. Additionally, a home care provider may also offer daily access to rehabilitative care to promote faster recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Nutritional services and medication management.

    Proper nutrition and medication adherence are vital aspects of a smooth recovery. Another advantage of skilled nursing services in post-acute care is receiving nutritional services and medication management. This promotes optimal healing and leads to better pain management and reduced stress for both the patient and their family.