Agents of Wellness

Home Healthcare in Columbus, Ohio

dhm AGENCY has been providing services since 2008 and has grown into multiple counties in Ohio. Our service history is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of social services that are basic to human needs.

Our Foundation

We are looking to the future while ensuring what we do today is aligned with the fundamental principles of a sustainable society. We are committed to ongoing research and development. Our company culture is one of open innovation, which allows people to work collaboratively to find ways to connect with people and respect our community.

dhm Agency has a culture that’s similar to a west coast startup company. We hire individuals who are knowledgeable in their field but also complement our current personnel. Our staff is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. We value the understanding of the process of crafting a body of work. These are the attributes that are applied to and woven into our daily work.

Why We Do What We Do

We take on one of today’s most complex problems because we see the future of home healthcare in Columbus, Ohio as it should be.

We do our best every day to make our vision a reality.

How We Do It

Our compassionate team of clinicians and caregivers treat a broad spectrum of acute and chronic conditions, right in your home. Behind the scenes, we have the tools and technology that enable us to seamlessly collaborate with health care and insurance providers to bring you the best possible care.

At Our Core We Are


We understand the dynamics of dealing with sudden and chronic health care needs.


We empower our patients and families with the freedom to take ownership of their health care needs. We empower our clinicians to provide the best possible care for our patients.


We are inclusive and open-minded. We foster a culture where everyone is treated as equal and made to feel welcome.

We Act With


From our company culture to the way we conduct business – we are real people, making a real impact on others’ lives.


We consistently go above and beyond to deliver quality experiences for our patients and their families.


We genuinely care about the people we serve and their health care needs are at the center of everything we do.

When we started the business, we serviced an underserved community with barriers (language, income, knowledge) to access quality health care. Later we realized there were other communities who shared a similar void.

It’s fulfilling when you realize the impact you can make on a person’s life, family, and health.

Alex Phommasathit
Founder and CEO, dhm AGENCY

Together we can create the future of healthcare.
A sustainable future that Americans expect and deserve.

Sustainable Healthare

In the United States and throughout the world, healthcare is undergoing a transformation. It is a reaction to the broad recognition that the current system — such as it is — is unsustainable. The clear solution is to increase the value of care: improving patient outcomes while containing, if not reducing, costs. Breakthroughs, especially in genomics, promise to deepen understanding of diseases and ways to combat them. But all stakeholders — governments, consumers, insurers, employers and providers themselves — realize that scientific advances alone will not suffice. To produce the best health outcomes at the lowest cost, virtually every aspect of the delivery system must be revamped — from leadership, organizational structures and culture, and processes, to teamwork and incentives.

To transform healthcare in America into high-quality, patient-centered care that the nation can afford, we must address fragmentation, we must address variable quality, and we need to create a sustainable healthcare financial model. Collaboration is key. Mayo Clinic has a long history of innovation focused on improving the value of healthcare, but we can accomplish much more by working together — integrating and sharing knowledge with one another.

We have a strong commitment to our community because we believe we are stronger together.

Commitment to Community

To achieve meaning and purpose in what we do, we’ve forged relationships with key community organizations at the city and state level who help us deliver social programs.

American Cancer Society Walk

For the American Cancer Society Walk, our Agency teamed up with a faith-based organization to support the cause of cancer research. We sold t-shirts that were designed by our employees and the gave proceeds back to the event.

Employment Opportunities

We understand that career opportunities for the community plays a significant role in reinforcing healthy homes and a healthy economy. Moreover, providing opportunities doesn’t only assist with job placement but also discovering the passion in someone. Our efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to elevate a culture is to reinvest in it and preserve it.

Medical Supplies Donation

The cost of medical supplies isn’t affordable to many and some aren’t covered by insurance. In collaboration with a non-profit organization, we were able to provide durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, crutches, hoyer lifts, and wheelchairs to patients in need.

Medical Research

Because the future of medicine lies in the hands of clinical sciences, our Agency donates to University Bone & Mineral research at The Ohio State University. Such research studies yield potential treatments of the future while understanding the pathophysiology of mineral metabolism.

Thank you DHM team for your help during a very difficult transition period for my mother. The DHM team provided us with their services while we had a piece of mind knowing that she was well taken care of.

- Carol A., Patient Family Member

I have experienced many aspects with this company. They are a very diverse and compliant business with patients and employee policies! I have also worked at the company for over 10 years they are very culturally diverse which provides patients and families with a level of comfort. A great environment!!

-Dorothy S., DHM Team Member

These guys did an exceptional job of taking care of me after my surgery and helping with the healing of wounds.

-Roger P., Patient

I have been working for DHM as an RN for 7 months as a visiting nurse. My experience has been exceptional. The company provided me with everything I needed to be successful and as much training as I needed. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend DHM if looking for a new job opportunity.

-Hilary H., Registered Nurse. DHM Team Member